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Ever wondered where all your negative thought, evil deeds and terrible things humanity does goes? In this book you truly learn the value of the physics definition: for every action there is a reaction. when the small town of Edmonville is devastated by an earthquake the survivors find themselves on strange islands in what can only be described as a crevasse. In this place where there is only a mist daylight with no sun and total darkness, you learn the meaning of fearing the night.A place where the dead do not rest in peace, possessed by something that encompass all the evil ever known to man. The survivors slowly find their way together and have to find a way to survive and fight the darkness. But this place holds many mysterious beings and live human terrors that begin to hunt them by day.A number of sections of the book is slow reading as Laws takes great pains to describe each character but their lives before the quake. But if you slog through it youll be rewarded every time for your efforts as this is essential to understand the actions each character takes and the sacrifices that make. and also what is behind the voices they hear.It is a chilling idea that even our thoughts or smallest unkind deeds can create something deadly and actually causes you to think back on your actions towards others.

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